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See usage notes below calendar


  1. Items marked ** are part of a special series of Mini Field-Trips that will count as AT for the Blackland Prairie Chapter members.
  2. This calendar includes
    1. Calendar of Blackland Prairie specific events (in RED)
    2. Calendar of other Nature related events in the area (in BLUE)
    3. Calendar of Connemara Conservancy Events (in GREEN)
    4. Calendar of National Holidays (in ORANGE)
  3. To show only one or more of the specific calendars above, click on the down-arrow next to the Agenda tab and select the calendars of interest
  4. To import our calendar into your Google or Apple or any other calendar that conforms to the international ICS format:
    1. For the entireĀ  Chapter calender as you see above use the following URL:
    2. To import ONLY the Blackland Prairie specific calendar, use the following URL:
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