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Open Board Positions

The following positions on the BPTMN Board of Directors are open for 2017 or 2017/2018. Serving in one of these positions is another way to achieve VH, just as you would when serving as a Trail Guide or Helping with the Heard butterfly house or any other approved activity.

Plus you will be on the leadership team that is setting the goals and direction for the Chapter.

We need qualified volunteers serving in these positions or the Chapter's growth and ability to do the things it has in the past will be severely restricted.

What's qualified mean? Generally

  • Must be a current member in good standing with dues and background checks up to date
  • A willingness to read email at least once a day
  • A willingness to attend the monthly Board meetings and Chapter meetings
  • A willingness to learn and help manage how the Chapter operates
  • A basic working knowledge of computer techniques is helpful (file/folder organization, email, web browsing, etc)

If you think you might be interested in any of the following positions, please notify the Nominations Committee Chair and provide a brief bio on your background as relevant to the position ("I was the recording secretary for our church consistory for five years ... " or "I was purchasing manager for Shmoo Entrprises ... " or "I'm an Excel guru who can automate some fo your membership records ..." etc.). This does NOT need to be a formal resume - just a couple of paragraphs letting us know something about you.

Elected Positions

2017/2018 - Secretary
This is a Full voting position on the Board and a voting member of the Executive Committee.
The individual will be required to attend all Board meetings and most Chapter meetings.

  • Responsibilities:
    (partial - full description at draft Handbook at http://bptmn.org/bpmnfiles/2012/08/CHAPTER-OPERATING-HANDBOOK-revised-2014v21.docx)

    • Conduct all necessary chapter correspondence.
    • Record, publish and preserve the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors
    • Furnish the minutes to all Board members and make them available to other Chapter members when requested
    • Maintain record of all approved minutes on the chapter website
  • Requirements: Must be reasonably proficient with email, Microsoft Excel and Word or Mac equivalents.
  • Approved by: Elected by the full chapter at December meeting

When needed - RIGHT NOW - Additional person(s) to join the chapter VMS team.

  • Responsibilities: Additional member of the chapter's VMS implementation team responsible for helping with Hours Approval, Opportunity designation, report generation and other VMS related activities. This opening is for a person who can fill in and backup the other VMS team members.
  • Requirements: Absolutely must have access to Windows Internet Explorer (Apple computers will not currently work). Must have strong computer skills and be willing to learn. Must undergo a state VMS training session held by one of the State System administrators
  • Approved by: Appointed by the President. Confirmed by the Executive Committee.

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