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Chapter Library

The Blackland Prairie chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists program has a fairly extensive library available for its members.


Note that this is an abbreviated list as of the date shown. The most recent list can be downloaded as an excel file from here

* Only these DVDs can be counted as AT Training

Media Topic Title Author Date
Book Urban Environment Edens Lost & Found: How ordinary Citizens are Restoring Our Great American Cities Harry Wiland and Dale Bell 2006
Book Bird The Golden-cheeked Warbler Warren M. Pulich 1976
Book Mammals The Mammals of Texas William B. Davis and David J Schmidly 1994
Packet Earth Science Earth Science Week American Geological Institute 2006
Book National Wildlife Refuges "Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges -- Southwest (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas)" Daniel Gibson 2000
Book Textbook Living in the Environment 13th Edition G. Tyler Miller
Notebook Trees Samples of Leaves Unknown 2003
Notebook Herpetology "Picutres of Snakes, frogs, etc" Unknown 2007
Book Wildflowers Wildflowers of Texas Geyata Ajilvsgi 1984
Book Wildflowers An Instant Guide to Wildflowers Pamela Forey and Cecilia Fitzsimons 1986
Book Birds Hummingbirds of Texas "Clifford Shackelford, Madge Lindsay, C. Mark Klym" 2005
Book Animals Endangered and Threatened Animals of Texas Linda Campbell 1995
Catalog Education Kits "Earth Environmental Science kits, programs and equipment for K-12" Forestry Suppliers unknown
Book Fish Sport Fishing and Aquatic Resources Handbook Bob Schmidt 1991
Book Bear "Black Bear Management Handbook for Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern Arkansas, and East Texas" Black Bear Conservation Committee 2005
Coloring Book Fish Fishing ABC's (2 copies) US Fish & Wildlife Service 1994
Journal Eagles My Eagle Journey - A trip to see bald eagles in the wild as they winter in Missouri Missouri Dept of Conservation 2004
Book Plants Outdoor Plants of the Southwest Dr. Archibald Roach 1982
book Environmental Resource 2005 Environmental Resource Guide Citizen's Environmental Coalition 2005
Textbook Environmental Science Environmental Science - a global concern 5th Edition William Cunningham 1999
Pamphlet Bears Bear Safety in mind -- Hunters Edition Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Pamphlet Water Storm Water Pollution Fort Worth Environmental Management unknown
Pamphlet Water Akron 2008 Drinking water Quality Report City of Akron 2008
Booklet wildlife Providing for Backyard wildlife (3 copies) Texas Parks & Wildlife 2004
Pamphlet Wetlands Texas Treasures -- Wetlands Texas Parks & Wildlife 2003
Coloring Book Water Conserve Water US Bureau of Reclamation 1999
Coloring Book wildlife "Fish, Wildlife & People -- A Mark Trail Coloring Book" US Fish & Wildlife Service 1998
CD Careers Careers in the Earth Sciences USGS 2005
Pamphlet wildlife Pecan Hollow gold course -- Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program BPMN 2007
Pamphlet Birds The Bald Eagle in Missouri Missouri Dept of Conservation unknown
CD Pond Management 2011 Pond Management Program AgriLife Extension 2011
Notebook Rainwater Harvesting Texas Master Naturalist Rainwater Steward AgriLife Extension unknown
Book Backyard Habitats for Wildlife The Backyard Naturalist Craig Tufts -- National Wildlife Federation 1993
Book Natural History A Sand County Almanac (2 copies) Aldo Leopold org. 1947
Book Texas Spring Heralds of Spring in Texas Roland Wauer 1999
Book Women & the outdoors Gifts of the Wild -- A Woman's Book of Adventure Collection of Essays 1998
Book Plants Stearn's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardners William T. Stearn 1996
Book Bats Texas Bats Merlin D. Tuttle 2003
Book Plants Field & Forest -- A Guide to Native Landscapes for Gardeners and Naturalists Jane Scott 2002
Book Biography Adventures of A Frontier Naturalist -- The Life & Times of Dr. Gideon Lincecum (2 copies) Jerry Bryan and Edward Hakes Phillips 1994
Book Freshwater Ecology A Guide to Freshwater Ecology Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 2009
Book Natural History A Natural State: Essays on Texas Stephen Harrigan 1988
Book Natural History Goodbye to a River John Graves 1960
Book Natural History Adventures with a Texas Naturalist Roy Bedichek 1947
Book Butterflies Butterfly Book Donald & Lillian Stokes & Ernest Williams 1991
Magazine Gardening Gardening How-To National Home Gardening Club Nov/Dec 2008
Booklet Birds A Checklist of Texas Birds Texas Parks & Wildlife 2003
Booklet Birds The Birds of Texas - International Field Checklist Series Russel Rogers 1993
Booklet Birds The Birds of Texas - Occurence and Seasonal Movements (2 copies) Texas Parks & Wildlife 2005
Booklet Birds The Birds of Louisiana State of Louisiana unknown
Pamphlet Birds The Birds of Meridian State Park - A Field Checklist Texas Parks & Wildlife 1999
Booklet Birds Backyard Birds in Texas (4 copies) Texas Parks & Wildlife 2003
Booklet Butterflies An Introduction to Butterfly Watching Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Pamphlet Birds Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge Birds US Fish & Wildlife Service 2003
Pamphlet Wildflowers Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Wildflowers US Fish & Wildlife Service 2004
Pamphlet Mammals Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Mammals US Fish & Wildlife Service 2004
Booklet Dragonflies Introduction to Dragonfly and Damselfly Watching (2 copies) Texas Parks & Wildlife 2003
Pamphlet Butterflies So you want a Butterfly Garden -- Quick Tips on Attracting and Maintaining Butterflies in your Texas Garden Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Pamphlet Butterflies Butterfly Gardening National Council of State Garden Clubs unknown
Booklet Birds An Introduction to Birdwatching (2 copies) Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Booklet Butterflies Texas Monarch Watch - Monitoring Packet Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Pamphlet Butterflies A Garden for Butterflies Texas Discovery Gardens unknown
Pamphlet Butterflies The wonderful Monarch butterfly World Wildlife Federation unknown
Pamphlet Butterflies "Checklist of Butterfiles of Cape May Co., NJ" Cape May Bird Observatory 2007
Trail Map/Guide Birds The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail - Lower Texas Coast (2 copies) Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Trail Map/Guide Birds The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail - Upper Texas Coast Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Trail Map/Guide Birds The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail - Central Texas Coast Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Trail Map/Guide Birds Prairies and Pineywoods Wildlife Trail -- West Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Trail Map/Guide Birds & Butterflies Birding & Butterfly Map of the Rio Grande Valley Rio Grande Valley Partnership unknown
*DVD Water Texas Water Stories Texas Parks & Wildlife
*DVD Water Texas -- The State of Water Texas Parks & Wildlife
*DVD Water Texas -- The State of Springs Texas Parks & Wildlife
*DVD Water Texas -- The State of Flowing Water Texas Parks & Wildlife
Book Natural History American Women Afield -- Writings by Pioneering Women Naturalists Marcia Myers Bonta 1995
Book Blackland Prairie Prairie Time -- A Blackland Portrait (2 copies) Matt White 2006
Book Natural History Land of Bears and Honey -- A Natural History of East Texas (2 Copies) "Joe C. Truett, Daneil W. Lay" 1984
Book Natural History The Cast Iron Forest -- A Natural and Cultural History of the North American Cross Timbers Richard V. Francaviglia unknown
Book Natural History Wandering Through Winter Edwin Way Teale 1957
Book Natural History Science on the Texas Frontier -- Observations of Dr. Gideon Lincecum "Jerry B. Lincecum, Editor" 1997
Book Grasses The Grasses of Texas Frank W. Gould 1975
Book Birds Magic Summer of Bluebirds "Lucille Nellis, Micki Nellis" 2010
Book Trees Trees of Texas -- A Friendly Guide "Paul Cox, Patty Leslie" 1988
Notebook Amphibians Texas Amphibian Watch Texas Parks & Wildlife unknown
Book Wildflowers Texas Wildflowers Campbell & Lyn Loughmiller 1996
Book Grasses "Field Guide to Grasses, Sedges and Rushes of the United States" Edward Knobel 1980
Book History Images of America -- McKinney Ryan Barnhart & Ryan Estes 2010
Book Natural History Where the Sky Began -- Land of The Tallgrass Prairie John Madson 1995
Book Enviornmental Education Wow! The Wonders of Wetlands - an educator's guide Project Wet 2003
Book Enviornmental Education Project Wild -- K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide Project Wild 2010
Book Enviornmental Education Project Wet -- K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide Project Wet 1995
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