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Request New Opp.

NOTE: Please review the existing Approved Opportunities List before requesting a new Opportunity.

If you do not find what you are looking for there, then fill out the form below and press the "Submit" button to send the OpportunityRequest Form. If you have questions, please direct them to the VH/AT Project Coordinator at vhat@bptmn.org for review.

Note that requests are not automatically approved. The complete process is

  1. Member makes a request to the VH/AT chair using the form below
  2. VH/AT committee accumulates all requests for the month and makes a set of recommendations to the Board at its next meeting.
    These Recommendations are made based on a fairly lengthy set of guidelines from the state as to what are acceptable and unacceptable Opportunities and activities.
  3. The Board accepts/rejects/modifies those recommendations at its next regularly scheduled monthly and documents those decisions in the minutes for that meeting
  4. The minutes are approved at the next Board meeting.  On occasion, the previous decisions are are clarified or amended prior to the final approval.
  5. After the minutes are approved, the web team will add the activities to the VMS Approved Opportunities

We're trying to streamline this process, but for now it is what it is.  Just keep track of your dates and times on a piece of paper (low-tech but simple) and enter them all retroactively once the new item is approved. If you have further questions, contact our VH/AT Coordinator at vhat@bptmn.org .

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