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Be A Mentor

If you are interested in becoming a BPTMN mentor in the future please send an email to the Education Committee: education@bptmn.org

Texas Master Naturalists

Blackland Prairie Chapter Mentoring Guide

 "To know the path ahead, ask those coming back."
Chinese Proverb

Welcome! to a new opportunity to further the Education Committee's support for the current class.  If you were anything like me, as a newbie on the first day of class, you had a lot of questions about VH, AT, fieldtrips, etc. and were a little unsure who to pin down and ask.  By becoming a guide or mentor for one or perhaps more members of the new class, YOU can be a go-to person who has the knowledge to help lead, encourage, support, and enhance the learning experience for members of the next class that begins soon.  We've all taken the path to becoming Master Naturalists and now we have a chance to be trail guides for new members.  Soooooo.....

What is expected of you as a mentor?  Not much, really, but a little of your time and a lot of your enthusiasm for showing others how much fun we Master Naturalists have.  As a mentor you are asked to:

  • Introduce yourself as a mentor and explain your role in assisting them in becoming Master Naturalists. Encourage them in reading through the manual and becoming familiar with its contents as this enhances each class session.
  • Provide your contact information and get theirs.  Ask how best to contact them
  • Answer any questions they may have.
  • Meet them in person before class or during a class break, to put faces with names.  Invite them to accompany you to a VH or AT opportunity and show them the ropes in a personal way.
  • Maintain an open line of communication that is comfortable for everyone involved.  Some people dislike text messaging but love email.  Find out what works best for you and yours and use it to pass on information or send reminders for changes in class location, upcoming fieldtrips, and new VH or AT opportunities in which they may have interest.

    If your mentee unexpectedly misses a class or scheduled activity, attempt to make contact with them and find out if they are okay.  Assist them in arrangements with other TMN chapters to make up missed classes or activities with sister organizations such as NPSOT and PTAS.

    Gather feedback about completed sessions, fieldtrips and activities, and the program as a whole.  Ask:

    •  Was the training relevant to the goals of the TMN program?
    • What was the best thing about the class/activity/fieldtrip?
    • What would have made the experience more valuable to you?
    • Was the instructor/leader knowledgeable and professional? Should they be invited back to teach?
    • Provide this information to the Education Committee

    If you are interested in becoming a BPMN mentor please send an email to the Education Committee: education@bptmn.org

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